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Personas: The Climber

30 October, 2019

The Climber
Age: 28


Make no mistake, Linda may be Painter I today, but this craftsperson has places to go — straight to the top of the chain of command. She’s discovered a passion for working with people and she sees your company as a place to explore management. Linda particularly enjoys interacting with customers, as this gives her an opportunity to share what she knows and the true value of the company. And she’s not shy to share her ideas on how your company could improve, whether you ask for it or not. Lately, however, Linda has been less eager to share those ideas, and you’re starting to wonder if this millennial asset might be moving to one of your local competitors.

Personal and technical improvement, increasing pay, and benefits.

How she helps you:
Linda is a team player, and she wants to make sure the entire team excels. This outside-the-box thinker needs to understand company priorities and goals so she can apply them in her day-to-day work. Put Linda to work recruiting more employees with her drive, and give her an opportunity to work with your apprentices or younger staff to show them how to live your company values.

How you can help her:
Create a clear career path with training opportunities along the way to help Linda achieve her goals. Regular touch points, including performance reviews or quick discussions after your regular crew meetings, let Linda know you value her and are acting on
her feedback. Your feedback will make sure you’re getting
ideas that can add real value to the company.

A clear path to the top. Linda has her eye on a fulfilling career and comfortable retirement, and she’ll
get it with your company or not.

Not being recognized for what she brings to the table. Linda works hard on her craft and is a source of many ideas for how to improve the company. If you’re not showing her that you’re acting on those ideas, she may take them elsewhere.

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