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Contractor Spotlight: Painting the Business Getaway

8 June, 2021

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Lyons Painting & Design, founded in 2000, is happy to be celebrating its 20th year in business and lets potential customers know that along with doing a great paint job, they never skimp on the prep. Lyons Painting is no stranger to large residential and commercial projects.

Currently, Chad Lyons and crew are involved in a residential remodel; it’s a house big enough that the owners will be using it for their company’s business “getaway” meetings. This particular job requires a lot of different trades working along with the painters. Using the right product for a job like this makes a difference not only regarding the finished look but also in creating efficiency for other trades working in the space. As a longtime fan of Benjamin Moore, Lyons has found that the company’s Advance line meets many of the challenges posed by this project.

“This house has lots of millwork — wainscoting from floor to ceiling; it’s a Craftsman-style build with a little bit of a modern design to it,” said Lyons. “In the past, we’ve used Satin Impervo to maintain the standard that they’re looking for, but Advance has taken its place for us. It requires a little bit of a different approach to application, but once you dial that in, you can have great results as far as look and feel. Also, since it’s a waterborne product with low VOC, you’re not chasing all the other trades out of a space.”

The fast drying of Advance helps as well. With all the work going on in the house at the same time, there’s plenty of chance to kick up some dust, which could easily find a long-term home in a slower-drying coating. “Advance dries quicker, so there’s less opportunity for dust or foreign objects to get in the paint during the dry time,” said Lyons. Just as important, the other trades don’t have to sit around watching paint dry. “It allows the entire job site to be more productive,” he said.

Lyons notes that Advance brushes out really well, an important advantage with all the trim on this project. “Most latex products struggle in that department if you’re used to brushing an oil finish,” he said. “Advance has great flow. On the whole, it has allowed us to be productive in scenarios where we don’t get the whole site to ourselves.” This project features Advance Satin on the trim in the color Chantilly Lace (OC-65) and Regal Eggshell on the walls in Collingwood (OC-28).


It’s important to keep up with the latest products and procedures; this isn’t Lyons’ first visit to this house, and it probably won’t be his last. “This is the second homeowner that we’ve worked for there, and it’s the third complete remodel that we’ve done at this house over the past 20 years,” he concluded.

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