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Snow Plows Clear the Way for Our Jobsite of the Month

14 March, 2019

“It's a little chilly up here” at Paradise Inn in Mount Rainier, Wash., says Reagan Sabelhaus, safety coordinator and human resources officer for the Silverdale, Wash.-based painting contractor Sabelhaus West Inc. Yeah, we hear 700 inches of snow (the 2017-2018 season total) will cool things off a bit…

At its 5,400-foot elevation, the Paradise area of Mount Rainier is well known for its snowfall. It set the world record for measured snowfall in a single year back in 1971-1972 at 1,122 inches—or 93 ½ feet of snow. Not that this slowed down Sabehlhaus West when contracted to help the Inn with a complete remodel of its interior and exterior this year. Sabelhaus West completed exterior work on the inn this summer before moving to interior painting as the snow began to fall. As Sabelhaus shares, the crew had to be escorted by snow plows to the jobsite.

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