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Covid-19 Survey Week 4

16 April, 2020

APC began is conducting a weekly survey in order to keep a pulse on the effect of COVID-19 on contractors and report it back to you. As we move week to week on this survey, we will track the individual sectors and the concerns and plans of businesses. In week 4 (results gathered from April 9-April 16), companies still working reported fewer leads but big work on business processes, marketing, sales and in some cases - hiring. Week 5 of the survey is now open. Even if you filled out the first survey in the past, we ask that you fill out the survey again so we can report on the change in the market as events unfold. Take the new survey here. 

Sectors Ranked by Least to Most Affected

  Business is the same or increasing Business is decreasing
School Jobs 56% 44%
Gov't Jobs 52% 48%
New Construction Commercial 52% 48%
Other Commercial Jobs 51% 49%
Healthcare Jobs 49% 51%
New Construction Residential 49% 51%
Multi-Family Exterior Jobs 44% 56%
Residential Exterior Jobs 44% 56%
Retail Jobs 40% 60%
Restaurant Jobs 33% 67%
Entertainment Venue Jobs 32% 68%
Multi-Family Interior Jobs 28% 72%
Hotel Jobs 26% 74%
Residential Interior Jobs 18% 82%




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