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APC Paint Tool Bracket

Everyone loves a good bracket! Vote for your faves!

13 August, 2021


Everyone loves a good bracket. That's why we've designed the APC Paint Tool Bracket.
Will chalk reign? Or will Cinderella upset the balance? You Decide!


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About the Bracket

Why no brushes? Because there's just too many of them. But don't worry - If this goes well and you behave yourself, we'll come out with a Brushes Only Bracket.
Why no paint? That's kind of a silly question. Paint and tools are apples and oranges.
But again, if this goes well, we'll consider doing a Paint Bracket.

Selection Committee: Don't see your favorite tool? Disgusted that Duster is a 3 seed?

Definitely send an email to our selection commitee at

Time to Vote

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Or regularly check in on this webpage to cast your vote






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