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Painter Leaps to Escape Fire

25 August, 2021

Sometimes you have to be brave whether you like it or not. A painter in Oxford, Alabama, working high up in a cherry picker, was painting the side of a building when the crane he was in ran into some overhead power lines. This caused the bottom of the machine to catch fire, while the painter was trapped in the cherry picker high up in the air. Firefighters at the scene had no time to get a fire rescue air cushion, so they worked with what they had; they stretched out a tent they found at a nearby Harley dealership and encouraged the man to jump.

At first he hesitated, but the fire grew quickly and soon engulfed him in smoke while an explosion rocked the bottom of the crane. Realizing it was his only chance at survival, he took the 25 foot leap feet from the cherry picker to the tent, after which he was flown to a nearby hospital and treated for a leg injury and smoke inhalation.


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