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TOP JOB Review: Snyder Painting

Oct 13, 2021

Jack Snyder from Snyder Painting reviews the impact that winning a TOP JOB has Snyder Brothers Paint...

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Setting Up A Company 401k

Sep 30, 2021

Listen to an expert explain how to offer retirement benefits to your employees, why a 401k trumps an...

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Mission: Vacation Ep.8 Season Finale

Oct 06, 2021

We've made it to the final episode of season 3! Is Ai Painting + set for future success? DID they wi...

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Spur-of-the-Moment Perfection

Sep 01, 2021

You don’t need to paint a 100,000sf asphalt plant with only 1 week’s notice to win TOP JOB. ...

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Mission: Vacation Ep 3 - Molding 3 Pillars

Jun 17, 2021

Let it be known! Our business coach is helping AI Painting re-jigger these 3 areas of the company: ...

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Mission: Vacation Ep2. Review Your Business

Jun 01, 2021

With the help of Nolan Consulting, Lacie and Austin from Ai Painting figure out how to take the mos...

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Mission: Vacation Season 3 with Ai Painting

May 12, 2021

Season 3 of Mission Vacation features our first husband-and-wife contractor duo! Listen and learn a...

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Time Management with Breakthrough Academy

May 05, 2021

Are you able to stay on task and maintain a highly efficient work week? If your day is centered aro...

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Rewind: Lifestyles of the Prepped and Finished with Aaron Moore

Mar 03, 2021

Aaron Moore talks about the journey of building multi-million dollar painting business and then figu...

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Sub Contractor - Contract Review

Feb 09, 2021

Unless you're already an expert in contract law, listen here and learn about pay-if-paid clauses, b...

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