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TOP JOB Review: Snyder Painting

Oct 13, 2021

Jack Snyder from Snyder Painting reviews the impact that winning a TOP JOB has Snyder Brothers Paint...

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Mission: Vacation Ep. 7 Grow Past The Drama

Sep 15, 2021

“What got us here won’t get us there.” Learn how Ai Painting plans on how to deal with drama while ...

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Selling Your Business: Plan Now NOT Later

Sep 08, 2021

Think you have plenty of time to prep your business to sell, think again. Listen and learn a...

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Mission: Vacation Ep6. Family Business Done Right

Aug 25, 2021

A family business should serve the family. But too often, it’s the other way around. Business Coach ...

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Mission: Vacation Ep. 5 - Leadership Training

Aug 05, 2021

Do you offer career advancement for you employees? If not, you might struggle to keep quality e...

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Do it for your crew!

Jul 30, 2021

Listen in as this contractor explains why he enters TOP JOB to celebrate his team. (Sure, he painted...

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Setting Customer Expectations

Apr 30, 2021

Join Louis Jasso in a discussion on setting the right customer expecations from day one. The proces...

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Marketing to High End Customers

Apr 30, 2021

Get your high-end customer tips, right here!! From where, to how and how to avoid the price cutting...

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Rewind: TOP JOB with Steve Adickes

Mar 24, 2021

Steve Adickes from Adix Painting talks about appropriate levels of prep and a standard of work that...

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TOP JOB Winner: MTS Painting

Dec 01, 2020

It's time to enter TOP JOB! Listen to Randy Fornoff discuss his winning job, tips on entering and h...

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